Spiritual Pearls for Enlightened Living

Rajinder Singh

In this world, finding true guidance is a rarity. Yet in this compelling compilation of excerpts, “Best-Selling Author” Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj vividly imparts his spiritual guidance in the form of stories to illumine each step on the path of our lives. After each story, he draws out the spiritual significance as only a truly realized adept can do. No matter what stage of life one finds oneself in, this book covers a wide variety of topics to deal with life’s challenges, including themes such as facing adversity, success in reaching goals, tolerance and forgiveness and love for God. In the realm of self-help and spiritual fulfillment, this book stands as atorch bearer of spiritual wisdom to guide seekers to a more rich and fulfilling life.

ISBN: 978-0918224-52-1


We should throw flowers of love to the right and left of us, in front and behind us, as we walk the byways of life

Saint Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj